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Pastoral Care

King’s Boys is renowned for its caring and happy atmosphere and the ethos of the school is to achieve high standards through encouragement and rewards.  Parents want their son to have a secure environment in which to mature.  The small size of the division is a key factor. Staff and pupils know each other well and enjoy excellent working relationships. Each year group has only 100 boys in 4 forms. 

There is a well-established pastoral structure in place. From the very start we want the Year 7 boys to settle in happily as quickly as possible. We try to ensure that each new boy is in the same form as a friend to help in the early days. We also have a residential form trip in the first weeks of term so that the boys can get to know each other.

Form tutors have responsibility for the boys’ well-being; including academic progress, involvement in the school, social relationships and any signs of stress or unhappiness.  The Head of Year co-ordinates the work of the tutors and has overall responsibility for the year group.

Our pastoral work is not only concerned with problems!  A great deal of time is spent encouraging, commending, helping, advising and taking a genuine interest in the boys.  When boys do well, we make sure they know we are pleased with them.

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