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King’s students have joined us from many countries, including:

Australia, Belgium, China, Dubai, Denmark, Germany, Hong Kong, Iran, Nigeria,
Pakistan, Portugal, New Zealand, South Africa and USA.

More than 20 different
languages are spoken by our pupils.























Overseas Admissions and Relocations

King’s welcomes families who are relocating from overseas or other parts of the UK. We believe

that children who join us with experience of other cultures enrich the King’s community. Our

pupils come from a wide range of backgrounds and we welcome the diversity of cultures,

languages and experiences that they bring.

We have considerable experience of families relocating into the area and understand that each application comes with its own special set of circumstances.

We have a flexible approach and treat each child as an individual. Together with an outstanding pastoral system and excellent staff:pupil ratio all children can make progress and experience

shows that many settle very quickly into their new life at King’s.

Admissions process
All enquiries are dealt with on a personal basis by a member of our Admissions team, ensuring the smoothest transition possible. We will either liaise directly with a family or with a relocation agent. We understand the scale of the decisions being taken and the anxieties, as well as excitement,

that can come with relocations.

Following an initial enquiry, our Admissions department will arrange for families to visit King’s, where this is possible, and to meet with pupils, relevant staff and the Principal. Entrance assessments are required; however overseas applicants unable to come to the school may sit the papers in their own school under supervised conditions.

We also offer help and advice about the curriculum and the timing of the academic year to help the transition into the English system. We aim to be as flexible as possible and try our best to accommodate students at whatever the time of the relocation. The key to making the transition

work is good communications and we offer constant access to the Admissions team via phone and email, at every stage of the process.

Telephone: +44 1625 260000 or

Case study: The Herpin Family

The Herpin family joined King’s following a relocation from Sweden, but had previously lived for many years in the USA and were originally from France. The youngest of the three boys joined our
Infant & Junior Division, whilst the two older boys joined Year 9 and Year 11, an important GCSE year.
All three boys have thrived at King’s and are fully engaged in school life, participating in sports and extra-curricular activities, whilst also excelling academically.

Mrs Herpin says: “King’s was the only school in the area willing to work with us and not have two of our sons repeat a year because they came from a different school system. We are absolutely thrilled
to have our three boys at King’s - they have been thriving and are performing very well academically thanks to the wonderful teachers working with them.”

If you would like to talk to a family who have relocated, please contact us and we would be happy to facilitate this.


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